SKU: VIP-100

If you are looking to dispense desiccants, oxygen absorbers, food packs, or promotional items, the VIP-100 dispenser is the ideal solution.

Setting up the VIP-100 is easy with the color touchscreen. From the touchscreen, the operator can open the belts and index the material. The material can be “primed” or automatically self feeds to the proper starting position. Self- teaching, fiber optic technology allows you to easily change out your material. This gives you the freedom of choice to use different products from any manufacturer. Product changes can be made without the use of tools in just 90 seconds, with knife replacement done in just 60 seconds. The VIP-100 processes continuous strips of pouches at up to 300 cycles per minute.

The VIP-100 is mobile; just roll it up to your process and connect to a power supply and compressed air. The unit can be configured as a slave to another unit or an on-demand unit based on process speed.

The Building Blocks of Automation

Build your own unit!

Standard modules can be purchased alone or in combination to build a solution that meets your unique needs.



  • Freedom of choice to use any manufacturer’s product
  • Color touch screen for easy operator setup
  • Tool-less product change in just 90 seconds
  • Knife cartridge replacement in just 60 seconds
  • Cantilever design offers complete access and a full view of feeding process
  • Dual drive belting controlled from the touch screen
  • Open exit chute is virtually jam-free
  • Servo drive provides high accuracy and low maintenance
  • PLC controls with a USB port
  • Adjustable motorized stand included for easy mobility of unit
  • Cycle Rate:  maximum 300 cycles per minute
  • 30-90 psi [2-6 bar] compressed air
  • Power requirements:  110 V AC or 230 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Full Lexan enclosure
  • Desiccant dehumidifier
  • Nitrogen purge system
  • Timing screw escapement
  • Alternate location for unwind
  • Allen Bradley controls
  • Customization available

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